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in short...

I am a maker of collage, stitched surfaces and richly layered visual stories. I explore the expressive power of colour, surface, texture, form and mark. I am inspired to create a conversation with the viewer through interactive fibre arts sculptures and installations. I combine media such as paint, inks, dyes and drawing media with cloth, found objects, papers and stitch to create “curious” visually rich collaged surfaces, books, boxes, assemblages or sculptures. This is my visual language and my conversation with you.


in depth...

I work towards the creation of unique surfaces formed through layering of collage, print, paint, stitch and text. Each component or layer only works when in combination with another.  It’s a landscape of layers complexity and space. The collage can be paper or fabric based or an intriguing combination of both. My work is intentionally bold and colourful; or layered and delicate; or puzzling yet simple. I seek an authentic expression of my response to a unique place or to the feeling I experience in that place.

​What does Uluru feel like? : - “redness, energy, immensity and calm”

What does the Mezquita feel like? - “magnificent, unfathomable, profound”

I deliberately seek to arouse the curiousity and senses of the audience through inviting close up exploration of each work. Installation works can invite exploration but so can a book an object or a stitched surface.  My work aims to pose questions in the mind of the viewer as to each works narrative and delight in seeking that detail.

How do I express the complex layers of sound, colour and plant forms within a rainforest? Suspended moving forests made from marine debris and nets, real seed pods, handmade leaves made from papers wool and threads are formed into a curious ‘hybrid’ version of nature. Fabric collage evokes the intricacy of leaf and plant forms layered within a forest. What is real and what is nature in this new ‘hybrid forest’? Does it pique your curiousity as to future wild places? How do humans interact with and respect nature now and into the future? The “Hybrid Greening” exhibition invites consideration of these questions.

​​I challenge myself: “What can I make that is unique? What works do I already have that are worthy of reinvention and transformation?”  “How can I take a 2D work on paper or cloth and re-envision it through installation rather than exhibition?” I seek to create art that invites interaction and stimulates a three way ‘conversation’ between the artist the art work and the audience: to engage and challenge my audience.

Through a multidisciplinary arts practice my works will evolve in new expressive directions.


My story...

Nanette Balchin has lived in the creative and beautiful coastal community of Yeppoon in Central Queensland Australia on Darumbal country overlooking Woppaburra land and sea country for over 40 years. This tropical environment and diverse creative community have all inspired her arts practice.

​Since 2005 Nanette has exhibited her art in Central Queensland and beyond in group shows; in major collaborative shows including two touring shows across many regional communities; in Brisbane; and interstate in Newcastle and Port Fairy. Collaborating with artists and community informs her practice contributing to its development through networking and exploration of new mediums and techniques. She is proactive in many arts organisations and an advocate for regional artists and arts development. Nanette will continue to push her boundaries and answer the question “What else can I create that expresses who I am: my world view; and creates a conversation with the viewer”?

​Her vision is simple: to be authentic, to meet challenges and to create meaningful “conversations” with the audience.


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