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Pieces of infinity

Pieces of infinity


The vast whiteness of the Alaskan wilderness has a feeling of its own infinity, where space feels endless, scale is huge and my creative possibilities seem limitless. It’s a landscape of layers complexity and space. The work reflects the key words: infinity, whiteness and limitless. It’s the intensity of the feelings and the sense of space, whiteness and limitless possibilities that I seek to express.  Through building up layers of fabric collage and stitch I create a visually rich surface evocative of my Alaskan experience. Stitch is my mark making forming an “expressive” emotional language layered over the collage. Each “piece of infinity” is a self-contained work which expresses a feeling. All the pieces combine to create my narrative about the overwhelming feeling of whiteness and infinity.

  • Measures

    1084cm x 774cm x 70cm

  • Media

    Collage from muslin, linen, cotton duck, assorted cloth, papers, monoprinted pages, book pages, paint markers, inks, wax, conservation tissue, hand and machine stitch on perspex panel.

    This work is mounted onto a polycarb panel within a deep framed box. It is heavy so the purchaser would need to negotiate transport costs and arrangements.

  • Shipping note

    Please note this work can only be sold if shipping price is negotiated with the buyer. The work is heavy and negotiation on shipping method and price is necessary.

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