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Touch, lift, release, take flight

Touch, lift, release, take flight


What makes us human? In this time of global catastrophe  I find myself making a conscious choice to respond with humanity, to see the world through the lens of “humanness” – we are all one, we are all human. I embrace change through a lens of optimism, opportunity and faith in humanity.


This book expresses feelings about “humanness”, a faith in humanity and the actions and values we chose to follow to connect with others. Touch is symbolic of connection and "flight".  The book can be “read” on both sides  and it's message interpreted through the lens of the viewer’s life experiences.

  • Size

    H 24cm x W 17.4cm x D 1.5cm

  • Media

    Book section bound with rice and hoshu papers, book pages and other papers. Collage of papers and images overdrawn with paint markers.

    The book comes with a stand base piece and a small stand.


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