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Collage and Fibre Artist
NBalchin_Hybrid Forest 1-detail.jpg

"I work towards the creation of unique surfaces and sculptures formed through layering of collage, print, paint, stitch, text and fibre components. Each component or layer only works when in combination with another.  It’s a landscape of layers complexity and space. My work is intentionally bold and colourful; or layered and delicate; or puzzling yet simple. I seek an authentic expression of my response to a unique place or to the feeling I experience in that place."

My Galleries

Omnium Gatherum 111_ The wonder of blue_

Blue's inspired by the ocean, the sky and the feeling of freedom, adventure and wonder.

1B_Balchin_Nanette_Pieces of infinity_de

The infinite whiteness of an endless Alaskan landscape.


Antiquity redness and immensity in an ancient landscape.

NBalchin_Hybrid Forest 3_Top back view_064.jpg

Hybrid Greening Gallery


I am a multidisciplinary collage and fibre atist. I am inspired by feeling the power of Uluru and the immensity of the Alaskan landscape; the time worn beauty of the Mezquita Cathedral in Spain; by  floating above a reef encircled by fish or standing in a cool wet rainforest. I love the expressive power of colour, surface, texture, form, stitch and mark.

I make fibre arts sculptures with the intent of creating audience interaction with the art and engagement with its story. I aim to pose questions in your mind as to each works narrative and to create delight in your discovering the details. I create rich layered collaged and stitched surfaces to share my response to a unique place or to the feeling I experience in that place. I build “curiousities”- boxes, objects, collections and books to invite you into their story and to create an inquisitive conversation.  

My work is intentionally bold and colourful; layered and delicate; or puzzling yet simple. This is my visual language and my conversation with you.



Nanette Balchin, Artist

Latitude 23 Arts Inc_17.jpg

“What is real what is natural and what is hybrid? Each hybrid forest is a believable living ecology created as a bridge to understanding. Be curious, explore and ponder your relationship with nature.” 

Nanette Balchin 


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In everything there is beauty and a story to be revealed.  I invite you to experience the beauty and curiosity of  by being drawn into my visual stories, to find your own personal meaning and response to my images, surfaces and objects. 

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